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Nails Inc Brook Street With Cheeky Floral Stamps- Monday, January 7, 2013
Cheeky Floral Stamping Nail Art - thumbnail 6
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I don't know about anyone else, but I am thoroughly bored of winter! Especially seeing as we didn't even seem to have a summer here in England.  So today I bring you a gorgeous bright colour so that I can pretend it isn't so miserable and grey outside! This is the beautiful Nails Inc Brook Street.  It's a gorgeous pinkycoral colour! Application was OK but not amazing.  I found it streaky for a Nails Inc polish.  Still, it managed to cover in two coat...
New Year Stamping- Saturday, December 29, 2012
New year stamping nail art - thumbnail 8
So, I had a couple of nasty breaks during Christmas.  My pinky had torn REALLY low a few weeks ago but I'd managed to patch it up, then it fully came off.  Thankfully it had grown enough not to be painful but this is the shortest I've ever had my nails.  It feels rather strange not having barely any free edge.  You can see them in natural here.  Anyway I'm not going to get all sad.  This is a fresh start for the new year and my claws will be back with time and for n...
Christmas Holly Nail Art- Thursday, December 20, 2012
Christmas Holly Nail Art - thumbnail 1
Oh I just couldn't resist doing some more Christmas nail art! This is using the beautiful Nails Inc St James which was free from glamour magazine the other month! I have to say usually the free nails inc polishes are not as good quality as the store bought ones but this one applied great! I sponged a nail polish by Exposed called 'Crown Jewels'.  I picked this up a while ago, it's a beautiful gold glitter, perfect for Christmas! After a coat of Seche Vite I then painted on some holly leave...
Frosted Snowflakes Nail Art- Sunday, December 16, 2012
Frosted Snowflakes Nail Art - thumbnail 2
I've seen soo many beautiful festive manicures out there I decided it was time for me to start being festive! I'd worn so many dark colours lately I thought I'd do a lighter manicure.  I used Nails Inc Oxford for the base colour.  I'd purchased the candy shop collection a while ago when it was on offer on the nails inc site but I haven't tried out any of the colours yet! This is a beautiful baby blue colour.  2 coats and it's perfect and glossy :) I then sponged on Nails Inc...
My Christmas Party Nails- Monday, December 10, 2012
Black & Silver Floral Stamping - thumbnail 1
Woo! I've managed to get google friend connect onto my blog! I found a workaround which involved creating a blogger account and redirecting here.  Please join if you follow my blog :) On Friday I went to my old works Christmas party.  I wanted some elegant but striking nails for the occasion.  I decided to paint them in Nails inc Black Taxi and then I stamped a floral design (cheeky plate CH14) with Nails inc Park Crescent.  I also added a little dragon fly sticker onto my p...
Nails Inc Hampton Court with Stamping- Thursday, November 29, 2012
Nails Inc Hampton Court with Stamping - thumbnail 3
I love wearing dark colours in winter, so today I'm showing you a beautiful dark berry colour, Nails Inc Hampton Court.  In low light this polish looks almost black.  It applies perfectly with 2 coats and has a really glossy finish even without topcoat.  The first two pictures are swatches without topcoat. I then decided to add a bit of shimmer.  I used Nails Inc New Burlington Place to stamp a diamond pattern.  New Burlington Place is a gorgeous ducohrome glitter. &nbs...
Nails Inc Garrick Street and Electric Lane- Tuesday, November 27, 2012
Nails Inc Garrick Street - thumbnail 1
Today's post isn't that creative, but these are my nails I had at the weekend.  I had a very busy, but amazing weekend in London so I wanted to make sure my polish lasted.  I applied Nails Inc Garrick Street.  I absolutely love this colour! It's a duochrome that changes from blue to purple.  The photos were taken at night with my phone so they don't really do it justice. I decided to sponge on Electric Lane at the tips so I could easily fill in chips while I was away.  ...
Vintage Floral Nails- Tuesday, November 20, 2012
Vintage Floral Manicure - thumbnail 1
Wow, it's so depressing and dark today in England.  I can't even take a decent photo it's so dark, so I apologise for the awful quality! I thought I'd do a delicate little manicure last night.  The base colour is Nails Inc belgravia, which is a beautiful, shimmery, brown colour.  Perfect for autumnwinter! I applied two coats of this and then painted on a small floral pattern onto each nail.  Not my usual crazy manicure, but quite pretty :) I'll add some better photos if it ...
Purple Ombre Butterfly Nail Art- Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Purple Ombre Butterfly Manicure - thumbnail 2
Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been working on my site. Adding lots of blog links, etc. I'm working on a mobile layout too so that my site loads a bit faster when viewing on a mobile. Anyway earlier this week I decided to test out one of my Nails Inc lucky dip polishes.  There was a lot of upset about the lucky dip this time around because Nails Inc decided to give out the EXACT same lucky dips as they did in the summer.  Not good for fans like me who had ordered 2 previously! So...
Shooting Stars Nail Art- Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Shooting Stars Nail Art - thumbnail 1
Here is my NOTD :) I started off using Sally Hansen Baby Doll nail polish.  This is a beautiful shimmery pink colour.  I then sponge Rimmel London Lasting Finish Azure at angles and a small bit of fine glitter polish.  I then added tiny dots in silver and a 3d star on each nail.  Finished off with a nice thick coat of Seche Vite. Not exactly scary for halloween but I hope you like! The gorgeous painting in the bottom 3 photos is one of my mum's ( ...
Nails Inc The Thames Nail Art- Thursday, October 18, 2012
Nails Inc the Thames Nail Art - thumbnail 1
I can't keep my nails the same for long.  Here is yesterday's polish with a red and white design :)
Nails Inc The Thames with Spectraflair- Wednesday, October 17, 2012
Nails Inc the Thames with Spectraflair topcoat - thumbnail 1
So I thought I'd share with you how beautiful this polish is.  I'd bought The Thames from last month with a few other polishes (well a lot of other polishes :P).  This was my first time using it and it was beautiful to apply, as are most of the nails inc polishes.  Unfortunately because I did my nails in the evening I didn't get a good photo of The Thames on it's own and I'd decided to add a spectraflair topcoat to it.  I bought 3 topcoats from a seller...
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