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Jacava London Marrakesh Nights Swatches and Nail Art

Hello my lovelies! Long-time no see! I really hope you're all doing well and I'm really sorry for my absence, I've had a hectic few weeks. I've moved into a new place and started a new job :D My broadband won't be installed for another couple of weeks but I am using a 3G dongle so that I can post today!

I received a lovely email from Jacava London the other day about my blog and it really put a smile on my face. They've asked me to review one of their luxury polishes and I chose the beautiful Marrakesh Nights as it seemed perfect for this time of year. It was the first nail mail I've had since moving into my new home so I was so excited to swatch! They were kind enough to send me their top & base coat too!

First of all, a little bit about the company. Jacava London are UK based brand and all of their polishes are designed and formulated in the UK. They produce the world's first 8-free formulation; this means they don't contain formaldehyde, camphor, toluene, DBP, cellophane, phthalates, parabens or any animal ingredients. Now these probably don't mean much to you but many of those chemicals may cause health problems and also the polishes are vegan friendly! They are a high end brand with their polishes retailing at £14.50 each.

The bottles are very unique with a long, thin, gold brush handle. I wasn't sure what I'd make of this but I absolutely love it! It really makes application so easy and I didn't make a mess like I sometimes do, so no clean up required. The brush was perfect, as was the formula. I could really tell that I was using a premium brand polish. Two coats were needed for perfect coverage. I did use the base coat too and I was happy to find that it was very quick drying, as I hate waiting for base coats to dry! Unfortunately I do have a bad point to add. I used the top/base coat after applying the polish and something odd happened. Patches of cloudy bits appeared near the tips of my nail. I've no idea if that was my fault or if it was something wrong with the product. I've been told that it works well for others, however a layer of seche vite over the top seemed to sort it. I've added a photo below (second to last) showing what I mean. Has this ever happened to you?

Marrakesh nights is just beautiful! It's a deep purple with a very subtle shimmer to it. I think it looks so sophisticated and I imagine I'll be wearing it a lot as it is suitable for wearing to work. I don't think I'll be wearing the top/base coat as a top coat again because of the clouding, but as a base coat I definitely will! It also contains a UV inhibitor so hopefully no yellow nails ;)

**UPDATE** It seems that the clouding was a one off issue, I've no idea what I did wrong but I've tried over many other polishes since and not had the same issue :)

I wanted to do a bit of freehand nail art, so I did a very quick one stroke design using acrylic paints. I didn't want anything over the top as I still wanted you to see this beautiful polish!

What do you think of Marrakesh nights? Have you ever tried Jacava polishes?

You can buy them from Jacava, Amazon or Feel Unique. RRP is £14.50 for 12ml, so they aren't cheap but great if you fancy a bit of luxury :)

Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights Jacava Marrakesh Nights

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