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SpaRitual Dreamsicle Review and Nail Art

Following on from my SpaRitual Delight review I have the beautiful SpaRitual Dreamsicle to show you today! This is a beautiful neon pink creme polish and it really is neon, it looks absolutely amazing in the sunshine! For the plain swatches I found that I needed 3 coats to get it completely opaque, you could get away with two as it applies really evenly but I found my free edge was slightly visible after two. I really like the consistency of the SpaRitual polishes, not too thick or thin! Again, I did have difficulty with it being a mini bottle but I didn't make as much mess as I did with the other polish, maybe I'd got used to the bottle a bit more, but still I'd prefer a longer handle and thicker brush.

The polish dries to a pretty cool finish, it almost looks rubbery rather than glossy! I quite like this myself but a top coat will make it really glossy. The swatches below show without topcoat and you can see it has applied nice and evenly without any brush strokes - my perfect sort of polish :)

A group I take part in is currently doing a neon and nude themed week so I decided that I'd use dreamsicle to create a neon and nude mani! I applied a Ciate cookies and cream as my base colour and then I used striping tape to create a random, funky design. There is a photo below showing how I placed my tape, I then used a thinish nail art brush to paint on the pink and once dry I simply pulled off all the tape and used a thick layer of seche vite. I also added some dots with my Barry M nail art pen just to give it something extra! I think this simple design really makes the neon colour pop!

So overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of SpaRitual polishes. The consistency seems good with both of the polishes I've reviewed, the bottle design is beautiful too. I forgot to mention that they have a rubbery handle with grips, which is a really good idea because I've often had polish bottles stick and with a slippery lid it's a nightmare! The negative has to be the brush, I found it too thin and the lid not big/long enough so application was tricky. This may just be due to it being a mini though as I have the same problem with a few other mini bottles from other brands.

You can purchase SpaRitual polishes in the UK from The full size 15ml bottles are £9.75 and the mini 5ml bottles are £5.99.  Shipping is free for non-trade customers, you can also order via free phone 0808 202 0855, just mention that you're buying for personal use to get the free shipping :)

What do you think of dreamsicle? I love a good neon pink! x

 SpaRitual Dreamsicle  SpaRitual Dreamsicle  SpaRitual Dreamsicle SpaRitual Dreamsicle SpaRitual Dreamsicle  SpaRitual Dreamsicle  SpaRitual Dreamsicle SpaRitual Dreamsicle SpaRitual Dreamsicle

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Nails Beautiqued Created on: 7/8/2013 4:56 PM
Dreamsicle is lovely on you!  Love the nude and neon together.  Awesome design too :)
Char Created on: 7/9/2013 3:15 AM
Thanks Rhonda :) xx
Nada Created on: 7/9/2013 7:20 AM
you know how I feel about this! I love it :D and the colour you contrasted it with just matches perfectly :D xx
QueenMiSeRy Created on: 7/11/2013 6:22 AM
I must say I'm in love with the look neon/nude you created, this neon pink alone is quite too much for my sight, yet really really gorgeous!
Char Created on: 7/11/2013 1:41 PM
Aww thanks Nada and QueenMisery.  Hehe I love the polish on its own too but I'm a sucker for anything pink and bright :D xx
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