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Goodbye Google Reader and Friend Connect

So as I'm sure many of you have heard, google reader will be no more soon.  I absolutely loved google reader, so I'm not very happy.  I also loved the Google friend connect widget, but as that's linked to reader I've now removed it from my blog.  I can only imagine what those with thousands of followers are feeling!! Anyway I've updated the options for following me in the sidebar to the left.

If you followed me via friend connect you can easily import all your reader blogs into bloglovin.  Simply sign up if you do not have an account already.  Then click on account in the top right hand corner and click on settings.  Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and there should be an 'Import Blogs' button.  Then click on Google Reader, sign in and let it import all the blogs you're following.  Bloglovin is great as it allows us to see the number of people following and display it on our site.

Another alternative is Feedly.  Again you can easily import all your google reader blogs, just click on the 'Connect to Google Reader' button.

I am on hellocotton too and of course all my posts get posted on my facebook fan page.

I have made sure I've imported all the lovely blogs I'm following to both bloglovin and feedly so I won't lose you all :) I'll be back with a nail related post next time!! xx

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