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Little Ondine Chemical Free, Peel Off Nail Polish Review and Swatches

Hello lovelies! I've got a very cute, innovative new brand to show you today. Little Ondine create natural nail polishes that are water based and chemical free. Their polishes are all peel off and do not require nail polish remover. I couldn't wait to try them out.

They arrived in the cutest packaging, I almost didn't want to take them out of their boxes :D I was sent bang bang, a neon pink and smack, a neon yellow (that seems to have a slight hint of green in the photos and in real life too). The bottles are a nice size at 10.5ml and the boxes come with instructions.

To apply this nail polish it is quite similar to any other, you need to make sure to get rid of any trace of grease on the nail. I was kindly sent 2 alcohol wipes, I just wiped over all of my nails and then started painting. I didn't use a base coat, which feels odd for me because I always wear duri rejuvacote, but the website does say that you should not mix with any other type of polish. They do have a base coat available on their site.

The brushes are great; I found them the perfect size and was able to paint my nails without making much of a mess. Bang bang was the easiest formula. I didn't need to clean-up at all and it dried super fast. I only needed 2 coats of this one to give good coverage, although there is slight visible nail line so another coat would probably be needed to cover that. It dried to an almost satin finish rather than glossy.

Smack wasn't as smooth to apply. I used 3 coats in the swatches below and it is a little streaky. However, it did dry super fast and wow it's BRIGHT! I love how bright it is! It dried to more of a matte finish than bang bang.

So overall, I was actually quite surprised how easy these were to work with. I expected water based polishes to be quite tough to work with but even if you do need to clean-up it's way easier than with usual nail polishes. I was also surprised with how fast it dried and I even knocked a nail not long after painting and it didn't even dent! I can't say how long they'd last on the nails though without a topcoat.

Peeling off is really easy. I just used my nail to lift it near the cuticle and then peeled off in one go. They have a selection of gorgeous glitters too so I imagine they are great as we all hate removing glitters!

Would I use these again? Definitely! I think they're a great idea and perfect for people trying to avoid chemicals and nasty smells. There are some annoying things like the fact I can't use my favourite topcoat or basecoat or mix with any other polishes for nail art. I did try gradients with them and it didn't work well so I ended up doing a saran manicure and adding some stamping on top (using MoYou Nails plate 220 and white stamping polish).

What do you think of the idea of peel off, chemical free polishes? would you try them? They're available in the UK on their website and it looks like they'll be releasing in the US too soon.

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* Products sent for honest review.

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Lisa N. Created on: 7/11/2015 4:06 PM
These are looking good.
Char Created on: 7/12/2015 2:30 PM
Thank you Lisa :)
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