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Moyra Polish Review and Nail Art

I'm finally back! I haven't had much time for blogging because I went to see friends and family for Easter and then had a busy week at work. But to make up for it I have 3 different polishes and designs to show you today :)

Moyra is an affordable nail polish brand, with a wide selection of finishes and effects. I hadn't been aware of the brand until Aliz from Moyra UK informed bloggers that she'd be supplying them in the UK and asked for bloggers to apply to review them. I was very excited when Aliz chose me as one of the bloggers!

So here are the 3 beautiful polishes that I was sent.

Holographic 256

I was so happy that I received a holographic polish to try! When I first looked at the bottle it didn't look holographic, it seemed to just have a silver shimmer but that was without good lighting. As soon as you get some light on this polish the holographic effect really comes through. It's a linear holographic polish but it's quite a subtle effect, definitively not as strong as the Color Club holographics for example.

Application was really good. My photos below show 3 thin coats. I found it a bit patchy after 2 coats but 3 really evened it out. It was so easy to apply that I found no clean-up was needed and it dried really fast. The 3rd photo shows without topcoat and the others with a coat of HK girl topcoat. As you can see it does not dull the holographic effect, although it does when the topcoat is wet.

I decided to stamp over this polish with plate 83 from MoYou Nails and Picture Polish Flirt. You might notice that my nails are much shorter than they have been. My break from the car door accident has grown out so I took off the patch and filed all of my nails down. However, this plate was still a bit short for my nails. I had to stretch it out using my squishy stamper so it's not quite as straight as I'd like it to be. The designs stamp really well though, just make sure you pick up a longer design if you have longer nail beds!

Moyra Holographic 256 Moyra Holographic 256 Moyra Holographic 256 Moyra Holographic 256 Moyra Holographic 256 Moyra Holographic 256

Sand Effect 853

When I first received my polishes this was the one I was most excited about. It's such a pretty turquoise, textured glitter, sand effect polish. It makes me think of mermaids! Application was so good, I'm actually amazed by how great these polishes are to apply. I found this as easy to apply as an OPI liquid sand, far better than the Rimmel Space Dusts! They dry really quickly too.

I used MoYou Nails white stamping polish and a design from the MoYou London Sailor Collection 07 XL plate. I didn't really like how the stamping looked on this. I wanted to use a different colour but the only polish that showed up well enough was a white which I think it a bit too much for this pretty polish.

Moyra Sand Effect 853 Moyra Sand Effect 853 Moyra Sand Effect 853 Moyra Sand Effect 853 Moyra Sand Effect 853 Moyra Sand Effect 853

Moyra 80

Moyra 80 is from the classic collection and is a cornflower blue creme. I was the least excited about this because I have two very similar colours from other brands (Nails Inc Oxford and Models Own Beths Blue). It was interesting to compare the quality though because I ended up liking this better than the other two. I really cannot fault the application. It dried to a glossy finish with two easy coats. The Nails Inc and Models Own are far trickier to apply.

I wore this manicure over Easter so I used a cute Easter design from the Dashica Big SdP-P plate and MoYou nails white stamping polish. I might only have dinky nails for the moment but I still love XL plates!

Moyra 80 Moyra 80 Moyra 80 Moyra 80 Moyra 80 Moyra 80

So overall I can say I am very impressed with the quality of these polishes and will most likely be purchasing some in the future. They sell for just £3 each for standard polishes and £4 for the gel polishes. You can order by sending a message on the Moyra UK facebook page.

*Products provided for honest review

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Lisa N. Created on: 4/26/2014 9:15 PM
These are all gorgeous!
Char Created on: 4/27/2014 4:57 AM
Thank you Lisa :) xx
Emi Created on: 4/27/2014 8:30 AM
The Moyra colour is sooooo sweet I love it...The design is elegant *0*

恵美より ♥

QueenMiSeRy Created on: 4/27/2014 12:31 PM
*_____* my eyes are blinging for the sandies *___*
I keep on drooling over your stamping manis Char, they're gorgeous!
fan Created on: 10/27/2014 4:10 PM
i am really not sure why you like MoYou Nails stamp. follow your advice i ordered a set. it's very difficult to apply. it was not easy to stick on the stamp, i tried so many times, and i have to wash the template every time i paint a nail. 10 nails means to wash 10 times. it's not practical at all.
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